Pretzel & Stouffer

Appellate litigation

Clients and trial attorneys alike realize that appellate litigation is not just another stage of a trial. In fact, an appeal is a different proceeding entirely — one that requires a specialized set of knowledge, experience and skills. Pretzel & Stouffer appellate attorneys are so highly regarded in this area that even clients who have found success with their trial counsel — and sometimes the trial attorneys themselves — turn to us in the event of an appeal. Whether working to overturn adverse judgments or protecting favorable ones, our appellate law practice has helped shape Illinois law in several areas and resulted in the publishing of many favorable decisions that were initially issued in a non-precedential form. The appellate attorneys at Pretzel & Stouffer have, through their advocacy over the years, established many important legal precedents which have benefited not only our clients but all defendants throughout Illinois.

We have successfully taken on appeals cases in a wide variety of areas and industries, and have a successful record of persuading the Illinois Supreme Court and other intermediate courts to review discretionary appeals.

In a well-known case that involved construction of the roof of Milwaukee’s Miller Park Stadium, Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys secured affirmation of a favorable ruling for an excess insurance carrier, protecting the client’s $29.6-million award against an appeal. In one unusual reversal, the Illinois 1st District Appellate Court, reversed a preliminary judgment that involved insurance company payments without requiring an oral argument — a testament to the strength of our appellate attorneys’ briefs. In an appellate case that involved product liability, Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys obtained affirmation of a favorable verdict for several major chemical manufacturers. Other appellate litigation cases have included medical malpractice claims, personal injury, professional negligence, construction litigation and many more.

Besides our widespread accomplishments in appellate courts across the country, our appellate attorneys have received some of the legal community’s highest honors, including recognition in Who’s Who in America®; and the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating (AV).

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