Pretzel & Stouffer

Complex commercial litigation

Few law firms are truly equipped to take on the complex, “bet-the-company” commercial litigation that Pretzel & Stouffer handles on a regular basis. In fact, Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys bring more complex corporate litigation to trial than almost any other firm in Chicago, and have hard-earned reputations as some of the most experienced, aggressive and successful commercial defense lawyers in the Midwest — and possibly the country.

This practice area spans several areas of law, including mergers and acquisitions; commercial fraud defense involving consumer fraud and deceptive practices; large-scale business disputes, including breach-of-contract and shareholder disagreements; Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act violations; antitrust; intellectual property; and predatory lending litigation.

We have defended clients from all industries, of all shapes and sizes, in all scenarios — from Fortune 500 companies involved in large multidistrict or class-action trials, to privately held companies seeking out-of-court arbitration or mediation to solve internal business disputes. It is not uncommon for this type of corporate litigation to involve multiple districts and plaintiffs, high-profile defendants and multimillion- dollar damage requests, all of which add to the complexity of this area of law.

In one notable case, a team of a dozen Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys successfully defended the former New York Stock Exchange president and two of his partners against a commodities fraud claim in which the plaintiff claimed to have been defrauded out of $300 million.

We have successfully handled several class-action suits in this practice area, including the defense of a well-known national bank accused of improperly freezing accounts; a major telecommunications carrier accused of deceptive business practices; and a mortgage broker, title insurer and law firm accused of predatory lending practices.

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