Pretzel & Stouffer

Health care litigation

Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys — among some of the most experienced and successful in the health care litigation field — bring more high-stakes medical and personal injury defense cases to trial than almost any other firm in the Midwest.

When instances of health-care-related litigation — specifically medical malpractice and negligence — skyrocketed in the 1970s, Pretzel & Stouffer was at the forefront of defending medical professionals and hospitals. As one of the first defense firms in Chicago to delve into this practice area, we have an enduring and solid track record in the successful trial defense of hundreds of medical practitioners, health care organizations and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Our attorneys regularly win cases for clients facing multimillion-dollar damage requests, often representing health care providers on behalf of major insurers and hospitals.

Drug and medical device liability

Pretzel & Stouffer has been at the forefront of drug and medical device liability defense since the rapid growth of the practice area in the 1970s. Our attorneys have successfully defended large pharmaceutical and medical device/product manufacturers in some of the most high- profile cases in this field of litigation. In one well-known case, our attorneys secured a summary judgment in favor of defendants against claims that a flu vaccine caused personal injury. It was this case that enabled a broader application of the government contractor defense to protect contractors in non-military contexts.

Medical malpractice

Pretzel & Stouffer’s medical malpractice defense attorneys are known as some of the most experienced and successful in their field. Since the rapid rise of this type of litigation, we have successfully represented hundreds of physicians, dentists, psychiatrists and physiologists, surgeons, hospitals, clinics and other health-care organizations and professionals. The trial attorneys at Pretzel & Stouffer have successfully tried cases on behalf of medical professionals in every area of medicine, surgery and dentistry. We have successfully defended hospitals and clinics for every type of liability theory that can be advanced under the law. We have defended medical professionals in numerous counties in Illinois as well as other states including Wisconsin and Indiana.

As medical malpractice litigation has become increasingly complex over the years, Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys remain at the forefront of new developments and legal strategies. Many of our medical malpractice attorneys are very involved in related industry associations such as the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the Chicago Medical Society, Illinois Association of Hospital Attorneys and more, often playing leadership roles and promoting growth and development in this field.

This dedication and experience has allowed our firm to take on the most complex and challenging cases. In fact, our attorneys regularly and successfully defend health-care clients against multimillion-dollar damage requests, taking dozens of cases to trial each year.

Attorneys at Pretzel & Stouffer also have considerable experience in representing medical professionals as personal counsel in connection with pending litigation and in connection with proceedings before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

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