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Product liability

In addition to having an enduring reputation as one of the finest product liability defense firms in the Midwest, Pretzel & Stouffer has been at the forefront of product liability law development — having had a direct role in shaping and refining product liability theory and practice in Illinois. One such situation involved a seminal case that determined the use of strict liability doctrine in Illinois.

Today, we maintain an active product liability practice, defending clients large and small against claims of negligence, product defects and warranty issues. Our experience has spanned almost every industry imaginable — from aviation, to home improvement products, to sports equipment, and we have found success in trial and appellate litigation, as well as arbitration.

The engineering and technical backgrounds of several of our attorneys, along with our strong relationships with proven expert witnesses, are crucial to our success — and have provided a solid foundation for our product liability practice.

Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys are adept at handling the most complex, high-stakes cases, to which our experience will attest: Several of the cases we have handled in this area have received widespread media attention, including nationally publicized litigation involving a major product recall. We also represented a plaintiff in the petroleum industry in a landmark suit, winning the largest verdict in Cook County history — more than $380 million.

Consumer Product Law Group

Pretzel & Stouffer’s Consumer Product Law Group provides a full range of professional representation to all manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products.

The group’s expertise begins with a complete understanding of ever-changing Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulatory requirements, which helps businesses stay compliant and avoid significant penalties. Pretzel & Stouffer’s focus extends beyond compliance issues, however, and the group assists companies in the event of any CPSC investigation or product recall. Importantly, the group’s trial lawyers have the critical expertise to litigate in any product liability area, including a track record of successful multidistrict litigation.

This comprehensive approach eliminates the need for businesses to retain multiple firms and unifies representation that might be discordant or redundant. Once a business introduces its products, the Consumer Product Law Group provides representation no matter how those products’ legal needs evolve. The group integrates all aspects of a company’s consumer product representation to minimize vulnerabilities and achieve the most favorable outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.

The group’s interdisciplinary expertise gives consumer product manufacturers, distributors and sellers the comprehensive assistance they need to properly develop, market and defend their products.

In addition to its accomplished team of product liability trial lawyers, including Matthew J. Egan, Donald J. O’Meara Jr., Alan J. Schumacher, and led by Managing Partner Edward B. Ruff III.

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