Pretzel & Stouffer

Professional liability

Our professional liability practice encompasses a wide range of claims of professional malpractice, negligence, misrepresentation, statutory violations and fraud — for licensed professionals of all kinds.

Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys have represented architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants, realtors, teachers, insurance brokers, appraisers, financial institutions and stock brokers, among others, over the last several decades.

The varied background of our attorneys — many of whom have experience in engineering, teaching, accounting and other non-legal professions — combined with their driven, trial-ready nature has made our firm one of the most well-respected professional liability firms in Chicago.

In one notable professional liability case, a team of 12 Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys successfully defended a former New York Stock Exchange president and his partners against a fraud claim in which the plaintiff demanded more than $300 million. Our attorneys also represented a large pharmaceutical company the Illinois attorney general accused of drug-pricing fraud.

Directors’ and officers’ liability

As the prevalence of directors’ and officers’ liability suits has increased over the years, so has Pretzel & Stouffer’s expertise in this complex area. From antitrust, to errors and omissions liability, to negligence, to Employee Retirement Income Security Act violations, we have successfully defended hundreds of directors and officers.

We have also worked on behalf of insurance companies in disputes involving coverage in this area.

Legal malpractice

Thanks to our firm’s experience in a wide variety of legal matters, we have found success in representing other attorneys, law firms and their insurance companies in a number of legal malpractice cases. We have also advised clients in the legal industry on how best to avoid liability in a range of situations.

Our firm has helped other attorneys avoid damage payments in the millions of dollars, including one case in which we obtained a dismissal of a legal negligence claim seeking $14 million concerning the representation of a medical malpractice suit.

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