Pretzel & Stouffer

Invigorating challenges. Rewarding opportunities.

As an attorney, recent law-school graduate or law student, choosing a law firm that fits your career goals and personal character can be overwhelming.

Pretzel & Stouffer was the right choice for our 70-plus attorneys, many of whom have been with the firm for years, and in some cases, decades. Several characteristics draw law students, experienced attorneys and recent law graduates to our firm, including:

  • Intellectually stimulating, challenging and extremely rewarding casework. At Pretzel & Stouffer, it is common that our attorneys handle cases involving multimillion-dollar damage requests. In fact, Pretzel & Stouffer handles some of the largest and most complex trials in commercial and civil litigation of any Chicago law firm. Whether they are preparing to bring high-profile cases to court, identifying and implementing creative out-of-court settlement strategies or counseling clients through non-litigation situations, our attorneys enjoy challenging, stimulating, diverse and rewarding law careers.
  • A collaborative environment with exposure to a diverse range of practice areas. Rather than departmentalize our attorneys by practice area, we encourage open collaboration and a team approach to complex cases. New attorneys experience a well-rounded mentorship, working closely with at least two other partners and gaining exposure to a variety of major cases. New associates are encouraged to take initiative early on, accepting sole responsibility on certain less-complex cases.
  • An opportunity to learn from some of the best attorneys in their respective practice areas. The attorneys at Pretzel & Stouffer are some of the most well-respected and experienced in their fields. New attorneys have the opportunity to not only learn from them through observation and participation, but also have access to firm lectures, in-house continuing education courses, valuable industry affiliations, firm publications and other resources.

    Because Pretzel & Stouffer tries more complex and high-profile cases than most Chicago-area law firms, our new attorneys gain invaluable trial experience earlier in their careers than at comparable firms.
  • A solid reputation and history. For decades, Pretzel & Stouffer has built and maintained a solid reputation as one of the most sought-after trial law firms in Chicago. While the firm has evolved, adapted and expanded its practice over the years, the core value upon which the firm was built remains: Strong, dedicated attorneys are the key to our success.

Join our team.

For attorney positions, direct inquiries to either Brian T. Henry or Alan J. Schumacher.

For summer associate positions (only students who will have completed 2 years of law school), direct inquiries to Brian T. Henry.

For support staff positions, direct inquiries to Chris Ruiz or Ellen Abbott.