Pretzel & Stouffer

Pretzel & Stouffer Secures Winning Verdict for Physician in Wrongful Death Case

Pretzel & Stouffer attorneys Charles Redden and Thomas Lang recently won a not-guilty verdict for an internist/cardiologist in a wrongful death medical malpractice case. The Cook County Circuit Court case involved a longtime kidney dialysis patient who died from a heart valve infection. The plaintiff claimed that the heart valve infection was seeded by an infection in the bloodstream, stemming from an infected arterio-venous graft. The plaintiff claimed that Mr. Redden and Mr. Lang’s client failed to order the graft’s removal, failed to diagnose the infections in the graft and the infection on the heart valve, and failed to offer the patient and her family treatment options for the heart valve infection. The plaintiff demanded $3.8 million at trial, but the jury returned a not-guilty verdict for the physician after a two-week trial.

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