Pretzel & Stouffer

Pretzel & Stouffer Wins Major Defense Victory in Stand ’n Seal Bellwether Trial

Pretzel & Stouffer attorney Ed Ruff led the defense team that won a defense victory in the In Re Stand ‘n Seal product liability bellwether case from an Atlanta federal court jury. The multidistrict litigation is comprised of 185 nationwide plaintiffs who alleged serious injuries, resulting in death in some cases, after they inadvertently inhaled Stand ‘n Seal Spray-On Grout Sealer while using the product.

In this trial, Bell, et al.v. Roanoke Companies Group Inc., et al., five plaintiffs from three states alleged that using the sealer caused them to develop reactive airways dysfunction syndrome, resulting in permanent disabilities that required lifelong medical treatment. The plaintiffs sought $1.6 million before trial and later asked the jury for more than $2.9 million. Pretzel & Stouffer represented Roanoke Companies Group Inc., the nationwide distributor of the sealer, in the case.

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