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Alan J. Schumacher

Alan J. Schumacher
Equity Partner

University of Illinois, J.D.
University of Notre Dame, bachelor’s in business administration
Magna cum laude

Bar Admissions
Illinois State Bar
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana

Professional Affiliations
American Bar Association
Illinois State Bar Association
Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys

Representative Cases

Defense Verdict for Family Practitioner in Spinal Infection Lawsuit
Al Schumacher and Suzanne Crowley just received a not guilty verdict for their Family Medicine specialty client. Plaintiff claimed that an inadequate history and evaluation resulted in the administration of steroids and a failure to admit to the hospital. Laminectomy surgery and months of antibiotic management were required to treat septic shock and abscesses, with permanent disability still resulting. The physician’s defense centered on the lack of information provided, the reasonableness of the care given the presentation, and the severity of the patient’s unknown underlying condition.

L.B. v. obstetrician (one of six shoulder dystocia trials)
Al successfully defended an obstetrician against allegations from a woman whose infant suffered shoulder dystocia during delivery, resulting in a permanent brachial plexus injury.

W.C. v. cardiology group and physicians
Al successfully defended this cardiology practice and its physicians when a patient sued over a transesophageal echocardiography that required surgical repair and resulted in a permanent disability.

Estate of A. v. major media corporation
After a head-on collision with a news van killed a husband and wife, leaving behind their two young adult children, the couple’s estate sued the news organization. Al represented the media organization in the case.

Dr. A.D. v. hospital and cardiologist
Al successfully defended a hospital and cardiologist that had provided care to a doctor after a heart attack. The doctor, who suffered a permanent disability, had sued the hospital and cardiologist, alleging that an electrocardiogram and clinical evaluation were performed improperly.

G.V. v. construction companies
This case involved a claim from a worker who suffered a back injury and became permanently disabled during outage work at a power plant. Al represented the general contractor in the case.

Estate of J. v. paramedics
This case involved a group of paramedics who performed an in-field emergency intubation on a food allergy patient. The patient suffered brain damage and later died, and the patient’s estate sued the paramedics. The appellate court awarded victory to Al’s clients.

Estate of L. v. obstetrician
Al successfully defended an obstetrician in this case, which involved the death of 3-day-old child following a delivery complicated by placental abruption.

L.S. v. gynecologist
In this case, a gynecologist was accused of failure to diagnose breast cancer, resulting in the patient’s terminal, metastatic disease. Al had the case dismissed.

Estate of S. v. cardiologist
This case involved a man who suffered a pulmonary embolism and died. Al successfully defended the cardiologist that had provided care to him after the man’s family sued.

Estate of W. v. orthopedist
Al successfully defended an orthopedist in this case against claims from the estate of a patient who had suffered a ruptured artery during a hip replacement and died.

Estate of A. v. pediatrician
A 3-year-old suffered an aortic rupture and died after ingesting a coin. The child’s estate sued the pediatrician, whom Al successfully defended during trial.

R.F. v. neurophysiological monitoring company
Al defended a medical company whose device was used in a spinal surgery on an adolescent patient, who was permanently disabled after the surgery.

M.C. v. urologist
This case involved a patient who underwent surgery and developed an infection, resulting in permanent disability and disfigurement. Al obtained a trial verdict in favor of the urologist who had cared for the patient.

J.S. v. ophthalmologist
A patient whose retina detached following cataract surgery sued the ophthalmologist who had provided care. Al obtained a defense verdict for the ophthalmologist.

K.K. v. obstetrician
Al successfully defended an obstetrician against claims from a patient regarding brain damage because of infection following the delivery of her twins.

M.S. v. hand surgeon
This case involved a patient who became permanently disabled due to reflex sympathetic dystrophy following carpal tunnel surgery. Al successfully defended the hand surgeon during trial.

Estate of G. v. cardiovascular surgeons and hospital
After a patient undergoing heart surgery suffered brain damage and death, the patient’s estate sued the cardiovascular surgeons and the hospital, claiming medication toxicity. Al successfully defended the surgeons.